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Accidentally, Like A Martyr

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Henry V - Folger Shakespeare Theatre

"....Catherine Flye, as the princess's attendant , and the aptly names Cameron Pow, a pursuasively flakey and feisty Fluellen contribute essential support....and complete this high-caliber ensemble."         
          The Washington Post
"....Excellent performances from James Keegan as Pistol, Cameron Pow as Fluellen, and Katie DeBuys as charming Katherine enrich the play's composite portrait of humanity"              
          DC Metro Theater Arts 

Julius Caesar - Folger Shakespeare Theatre

"....Mark Cameron Pow's Casca, another conspirator, leaves an indelible impression of a man willingly roped into something the consequences of which he can't begin to imagine until too late..."
          The Washington Post
"....The conspiracy scenes are starkly and neautifully done, with Cassius, Brutus, Cinna and Messala (Mark Cameron Pow) plotting and concealing their identities....not much waste anywhere. That also goes for the actors, who make the stage seem full at times even though the company has only seven members....Aquila's actors immerse themselves so thoroughly in their multiple roles that you find yourself checking and rechecking the program...."
          The Washington Times
"....The whole cast was very strong. Particularly all the other males, Mark Cameron Pow, played Casca, and Louis Butelli, who played Cassius. All very strong."
          WETA-TV "Around Town"
"...Every role is well acted....Mark Cameron Pow portrays Casca as a man quite adept at seeing which way the wind blows..."
          Theatre Spotlight
"....The members of this classical troupe are a multitalented group of performers with experience in all facets of the contemporary New York and British theatre scenes...."
          Digital City, Washington, DC
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